The Upper West Side is America’s Most Livable Neighborhood!

The Upper West Side is America’s Most Livable Neighborhood!

According to AARP, the Upper West Side is America’s Most Livable Neighborhood! Read the AARP article at this link. Here’s a quick summary:

AARP actually placed it second to a neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin that few people probably know about here on the East Coast, except for some of those rabid Badger alumni who populate these parts.

AARP cites the UWS’s “Great restaurants, world-class culture, easy access to gyms and Central Park jogging paths” as proof of the neighborhood’s quality of life.  While I agree with everything in the little blurb, the “great restaurants” comment gives me pause. Yes, there are a few world class restaurants that call the Upper West Side home, such as Dovetail, Lincoln, and if you want to consider Columbus Circle part of the nabe, Per Se.  These restaurants are no doubt better than those found in Mifflin West, but generally speaking (and I am definitely not the only one who thinks this), the Upper West Side is a culinary wasteland in perhaps the most food-forward city in the world.

Digs Realty Knows the Upper West Side

As the founder and principal of Digs Realty, I definitely know the Upper West Side.  After all, I live here with my wife and two children.  I am proud to say that we do a large percentage of our transactions on the UWS, and we hope to continue that.


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