Affordable Housing Lottery on UWS | West End Towers

Affordable Housing Lottery at 55-75 West End Avenue 55-75 West End Avenue is a luxury rental complex just off 66th Street and West End, built in 1994. A housing lottery just opened for spots on the waiting list. The housing lottery will accept 200 people onto a waiting list; however, there is no specific timeline […]

Stay Away from Land-Lease Co-ops Part II | Digs Realty

What is a Land-Lease Co-op? In November 2014, Digs wrote a blog post about the perils of land-lease co-ops. In a ground lease, the owner of land leases it to a developer with the intent that the developer will build something valuable on it. The term of a ground lease is typically very long (for […]

Little Island

Little Island | Hudson River Park

What Is That Weird Thing Jutting Out of the Hudson River? It’s unusual that you will find me in a car rather than a subway. Last weekend was unique because I had just broken my foot, and I was in no position to be climbing up and down stairs and being on a crowded subway […]


Wegmans at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Wegmans As a Cornell graduate and Ithaca resident for four years, the idea of having a Wegmans in NYC is, how do I put this, nothing short of AMAZING!!! I probably went to Wegmans on average of four times a week while I was a college student. Why? Because it’s simply the best supermarket and […]

REBNY financial statement

What is a REBNY Financial Statement?

What is a REBNY Financial Statement? A REBNY financial statement is used by sellers in New York City to evaluate the financial strength of buyers. Buyers should be prepared to complete a financial statement and submit it with their offers. Click here to view a REBNY financial statement. Why Do You Need a REBNY Financial […]

Central Park North and its $150M Improvements

Central Park North and its $150M Improvements One of the greatest things about New York City is Central Park. It has just about everything you could want or ask for in a city park: a carousel, a zoo, ball fields, clay tennis courts, rowboats, restaurants, open lawns, playgrounds, fountains, statues, theaters, a castle, a garden, dirt […]

Homebuying Rebate

Amazon and Realogy Real Estate Partnership | TurnKey

Amazon and Realogy Real Estate Partnership | TurnKey Today, Amazon and Realogy announced a new partnership called TurnKey. TurnKey will connect home buyers with real estate agents. What Do Home Buyers Get? Home buyers will get up to $5,000 to spend on certain Amazon home services and smart-home gear after they close.  The amount of […]

Digs Realty 2019 Q2 Newsletter

After a six-month hiatus, our Digs Realty newsletter is back!  I’m sure you’ve all been dying to hear about the 2019 market, so this newsletter is chock full of juicy updates.  I apologize for the break, but April and May were two of the busiest months that Digs has ever had – which set the […]

State Increases Mansion and Transfer Taxes in New Budget Deal

State Increases Mansion and Transfer Taxes in New Budget Deal The New York State legislature and Governor Cuomo agreed to a state budget deal that created new progressive mansion and transfer taxes for residential real estate purchases and sales.  The changes went into effect on July 1, 2019. The so-called “mansion tax” – perhaps the […]

Rejection from Co-op Boards

Rejection from Co-op Boards Buyer’s and seller’s real estate agents do everything they can to avoid rejection from co-op boards.  Before accepting an offer, a seller’s broker will scrutinize the buyer’s profile.  They will look at the buyer’s financial profile, including their debt to income ratio and their liquid assets after closing.  The agents will […]