A Smarter Way To Sell Your Home

Whether we’re selling a home for $500,000 or $5,000,000, you will get the same level of care and service. We are no average brokerage – We provide a level of service in excess of what you typically get from agents at larger companies in spite of charging up to 50% less than those companies do.

Sell for Less

The real estate market has changed dramatically in recent years, but commissions have not.  We don’t think that makes sense.

Flexible Commissions for a Changing Market

The standard commission that real estate brokers charge to sell your home in NYC is 6% of the sales price. Savvy sellers may able to negotiate commissions to 5% (and, 4% in Westchester). At Digs, we represent the savviest of the savvy – those who understand there is a smarter way to sell and want to keep more of their money in their pockets.

Digs Sell-Side Commissions

We tailor our commission structure to suit the needs of today’s sellers. Our rates are dependent on a number of factors, including the unit’s market value, how “sellable” your home is and how realistic you are about the sale price.

Buy-Side Broker Commissions

While we reduce our side of the commission, we always suggest offering a market commission to buy-side brokers in order to maximize your potential buyer pool.

Full Service with No Compromises

With Digs, you always receive excellent service, professionalism, quality and execution at a fraction of the cost and with a personal touch.

Get started with Digs Realty

Step 1

Contact Digs Realty at (917)675-0037 or dan@digsrealtynyc.com.Tell us about your home and your expectations.

Step 2

Schedule a property evaluation. We will come to your home, take notes and ask a lot of questions to inform our assessment.

Step 3

Review our formal proposal. We will present a detailed written report with our proposed listing price and sales and marketing strategy.

Full Service with No Compromises

When you hire Digs to sell your home, we act as your advisor and confidant, your representative to potential buyers.  We keep you informed every step of the way; you will never be left in the dark and never be misled by us.

Comprehensive Services

1) Apartment Assessment

We will meet with you at your home to assess its condition, suggest ways to enhance the unit’s broad appeal, and ask you questions to understand your needs and expectations.

2) Detailed Written Proposal

We will prepare a written proposal that includes a detailed market analysis establishing the value of your home, outlines the listing strategy (timing, pricing, staging, etc.), and lays out the commission proposal.

3) Home Preparation

We will provide guidance and refer you to professionals who will help you prepare your home for showing (professional organizers, stagers, window washers, painters, etc.).

4) Professional Photography and Floor Plans

Our architectural photographers will capture your home from the best angles and in the best light. We will also have a clean and new floorplan drawn up, as needed.

5) Marketing Materials

Our graphic designer will create high quality marketing materials.

6) Research

We will learn everything there is to know about your building prior to listing, so we can anticipate questions from buyers and address and ameliorate potential issues in advance, where possible.

7) Showings

We will host open houses and facilitate private showings as frequently as possible. We make ourselves available to show your home whenever a potential buyer wants to see it, and you authorize the showing.

8) Listing Publicity

We will prepare a professional listing and publish it on the local MLS to reach all brokers, as well as on all major consumer listing platforms (such as Streeteasy, Zillow, and Trulia) to reach all consumers.

9) Bids

We will ensure that all bids are submitted professionally and comprehensively, with all information necessary to make an informed decision. If there are multiple bids, we will arrange all information in a clear and concise spreadsheet format so you can review efficiently.

10) Negotiation

We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the highest possible sale price and the most favorable contract terms.

11) Board Packages

We will facilitate the buyer’s timely submission of all paperwork prior to closing and ensure that board packages are properly prepared – immense care is taken to present the buyer’s board package in the best possible light.

12) Smile and Exhale

We promise to get you to the closing table with a smile on your face.