Digs in Vermont – Travel Blog

Digs in Vermont Every year over MLK weekend, we take a road trip and head to Vermont. We rent a big house near Okemo Mountain with lots of beds and get a great group of friends together for a long weekend of skiing, snowball fights, food, wine and hot tubbing. This year in Vermont We […]

Real Estate Broker Commission Discounts in NYC and Westchester

A smarter way to sell | Digs Realty broker commission discounts One of our biggest challenges is educating home sellers that our commission discount model exists. Most people are not aware that they can hire a real estate broker to sell their home who charges a fraction of the commission traditional brokers charge. Digs has […]

Digs in Panama – Travel Blog

Digs in Panama While Digs operates solely in New York, we have many friends and clients outside New York who are very good to us who we try to see periodically (so they don’t forget about us). Why Panama? As we have written about before, every year on Thanksgiving, we host a charity auction. All […]

Real Estate Broker Commission Rebates in NYC & Westchester

A better way to buy | Digs Realty broker commission rebates One of our biggest challenges is educating home buyers that our commission sharing model exists. Most people are not aware that they can hire a real estate broker who offers commission rebates. Digs has been operating in NYC since 2014 and has given $4MM […]

Digs Realty 4Q 2019 Newsletter | Commission Rebates Since 2014

Giving Clients Commission Rebates and Discounts Since 2014 Happy New Year! Our Digs family keeps growing thanks, in large part, to you! We all hope 2020 brings you an abundance of happiness, good health, love and tolerance. Thank you for making 2019 spectacular for Digs and for helping us along this exciting journey to achieve our […]

Rebate Broker in Westchester

Digs Realty is fully operational in Westchester! After almost six years of success in New York City, and many requests from clients moving to the burbs, Digs has expanded to be a full service rebate broker in Westchester. More companies have adopted our model in recent years, in particular in NYC, but we haven’t seen […]

NYC Building Staff Holiday Tipping Guide | Digs Realty

NYC Holiday Tipping Guide I can’t tell you how many people have asked me in the last few weeks what they should tip their building staff, etc. Nobody wants to be the worst tipper, but people also don’t want to over tip. It goes without saying that tipping is not required, but it is a […]

Digs Realty 101: Home Buying Rebates and Selling Commission Discounts | Whiteboard Video

What do you mean you pay me to buy a home? It’s true! When you buy a home with Digs Realty, we pay you up to 67% of our commission at closing (that’s up to 2% of your purchase price, or 10% of your down payment if you’re financing 80%). Or, if you’re selling a […]

Healthy Life NYC Podcast | A Healthy Way To Buy a Home in NYC | Digs Realty

A Healthy Way To Buy a Home in NYC and Westchester With hesitation, I did my first podcast (and this one has video in addition to audio!!). I was a bit unsure of what the process would be like, but I figured, why not try it? I was a little uncomfortable in front of the […]

First Time NYC Homebuyer Guide | Digs Realty

First Time NYC Homebuyer Guide Being a homebuyer in NYC is unlike being a homebuyer anywhere else. It’s much more complicated (unless you’re buying a house) because of the co-op and condo board process and requirements. We’ve put together this guide to help walk you through the steps of buying a home in New York […]