When you hire Digs, you hire me, Dan Gotlieb, a man obsessed with New York City and its real estate. I moved to Manhattan right after college, attended law school on the Upper West Side and have lived all over the City – the Financial District, Chelsea, the West Village, Murray Hill, the East Village and the Upper West Side, where I now live with my wife and two boys.

I started my career as a commercial real estate attorney, working primarily on large New York City-based deals, but I was always interested and engaged in the dynamic NYC residential markets. Upon getting my real estate broker’s license, I continued to practice law while helping friends, family and clients purchase homes in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. As each year passed, and I became further involved in residential real estate on the broker side, my interest in law continued to wane. When I found myself studying the residential markets in my free time to better serve my brokerage clients, I knew it was time to take Digs full-time.


Saving You Money in America’s Most Expensive City

Watching many of my friends struggle to find an affordable home in New York City, I considered how I could help them make homeownership a reality. That is why I founded Digs with a generous commission rebate program.

By keeping overhead low, I am able to pass my cost savings on to my clients, providing meaningful cash back to my buyer clients at closing (typically tens of thousands of dollars), and discounted commission rates to my seller clients. You can see what I have done for some of my clients here.

I pride myself on being responsive, thoughtful, organized and efficient. My clients know me as an effective communicator and expert negotiator who understands how to close a deal.

I will always put your interests first. Buying or selling a home may be one of the biggest decisions of your life, and I will be there to help you every step of the way. When you hire me, you hire a partner who will work with you to buy or sell your home and make the process as transparent, painless, efficient and low-cost as possible.

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$16,550 rebate

Upper East Side | 2 bedrooms 1.5 bathrooms

As a first-time home buyer in the competitive market of NYC, it was a pleasure working with Dan. I was extremely happy to have him guiding me through the entire process. He did a very thorough job, and his information sharing, honesty, and knowledge of the real estate market were beyond excellent. Dan always made himself available if I needed to talk or had questions, and was always flexible in meeting arrangements. He helped me during each step of the process, including a bidding war, and, when needed, he also referred me to people he trusted for the closing and mortgage application, which were all very efficient and competent. Finally, the rebate I received after closing made it only better! I would definitely work with him again if I decide to sell my place, and will highly recommend him to anybody looking for an excellent broker in NYC.

Alex L.
Upper East Side

$14,525 rebate

Greenwich Village | 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

“We spent countless hours on StreetEasy and felt knowledgeable about Manhattan, but Dan was invaluable in calculating comps, helping us negotiate our offer, and navigating the closing process. He was honest, informative, and was there to support us in every step of a lengthy co-op approval process. We wholeheartedly recommend him as a partner that you need to have at your side when dealing with all the intricacies of buying in NYC. The business model of a rebate was an added bonus, allowing us to fund a renovation and turn our new apartment into a true home. Thanks Dan!”

Kat and Chris B.
Greenwich Village, New York, NY

$11,510 rebate

Manhattan Valley | 4 bedrooms 1 bathroom

“Dan was the most honest and knowledgeable broker we have come across during our apartment search.  In fact, he discouraged us from buying places that were not exactly what we were looking for but were much more expensive and would have given him a much higher commission than the apartment we purchased in the end.  He was always quick to respond to our many questions and his communication was always friendly and patient.  Dan was a pleasure to work with and get to know both on a professional and personal level.  We’ve recommended him to everyone we know looking to buy or sell an apartment.”

Yaniv E. & Amy V.
Manhattan Valley, New York, NY

$19,850 rebate

Prospect Heights | 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

“Dan has been amazing to work with in our journey to buy our first home. He took the time to really understand our criteria, blew it out of the water by preparing extremely detailed rental analyses for us, patiently answered all of our questions, and gave us his honest opinions on potential apartments and their respective neighborhoods. We’ve already recommended Dan to several of our friends, who’ve all had similarly great things to say. Thank you for taking such great care of everyone who comes your way, Dan!”

Justine T. & Adrian Z.
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY

$19,100 rebate

East Village | 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

“Dan is hands down the best real estate broker I have ever worked with! After a string of horrible experiences with other NYC brokers I had lost all hope of finding someone competent to work with. All of that changed once I found Dan. He is knowledgeable, professional, honest and truly cares about doing right by his clients. I used the rebate to fund a renovation, which allowed me to increase the value of the property. A huge win all the way around! Thanks so much for everything, Dan. It was truly a pleasure working with you.”

Melinda C.
Avenue A, New York, NY

$20,775 discount and rebate

Park Slope | 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
Lower East Side | 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom

“Take it from us, if you aren’t already working with Dan, you should be! From negotiating the well over ask sale of our Park Slope condo to pushing for the under ask purchase of our Lower East Side co-op, Dan was an amazing partner in the hunt for our new home. In this extremely competitive real estate market his ability to cut through the noise and give you honest, insightful and strategic recommendations are invaluable. Plus, his unique business model sets you up to make the most out of your investments, without sacrificing any level of service. Essentially, you cannot go wrong! Both professionally and personally Dan is a great person to have on your side.”

Tim D. & Nakita P.
4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
FDR Drive, New York, NY

$71,500 Rebate

Upper West Side | 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms

“We were introduced to Digs Realty before we were ready to buy and just wanted to get a sense of the Manhattan real estate market. Dan spent countless hours talking to us about different neighborhoods, market movements, and the pros and cons of various developments, never pressuring us to start looking and always giving us his complete attention. After about six months of picking Dan’s brain, we knew what we wanted. We told Dan what we were looking for, and he sent us our dream apartment within minutes of it being listed. We only had to look at one apartment and, even though there was competition from other bidders, we got our apartment thanks to Dan’s diligence, market knowledge, and negotiating skills.”

P. Mehta
Riverside Boulevard, New York, NY

$46,300 REBATE

Battery Park City | 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

“We have worked with many professionals in the northeast (including lawyers, accountants, real estate agents, and consultants), and Dan is clearly one of the very best professionals we’ve worked with. He is smart; he is knowledgeable; he is available; and he is patient. He really went out of the way to research the best negotiating position for our offers. We would not hesitate to recommend Dan.”

Tim and Jin C.
River Terrace, New York, NY

$33,800 rebate

Murray Hill | 3+ bedrooms 2 bathrooms

“We are so grateful to Dan for his assistance and knowledge during our apartment search and purchase. He was such a valuable resource from start to finish, and we always felt we could trust his advice and opinions as he walked us through such an overwhelming process. Dan helped us understand what to look for and what to avoid, what was a good value and what was overpriced. Thanks for helping us find our dream home!”

Shayna + Adam
East 34th Street, New York, NY

$14,000 rebate

Downtown Brooklyn | 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

“Dan was very supportive and patient in guiding us through our first home purchase! He was communicative and responsive during the search process. He took a genuine interest in finding us an apartment that met all of our requirements, in the best location, all within our budget. He was also a knowledgeable resource for us to get a better understanding of the market and general offer/closing processes. We truly could not imagine going through this process without his support!”

Mansi V. and Matt C.
Boerum Place, Brooklyn NY

$27,770 rebate

West Village | 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom
West Village | 1 bedrooms 1 bathroom

“Dan assisted us in the purchase of a two bedroom apartment in the West Village. Throughout the entire process he was engaged, knowledgeable, and well prepared when we entered into negotiation. His gentle pressure got us the price we wanted. The closing process, usually the most stressful part of a purchase, was made much easier with Dan assisting us. We would recommend him to anyone without reservation, and have done so already to several friends.”

Tom D. & Ben E.
Washington Street, New York, NY
Jane Street, New York, NY


Upper West Side | studio 1 bathroom

“I am thankful for having Dan recommended to me when I decided to purchase my first starter apartment in NYC. He was completely honest and insightful with the market, which made the process pleasant. From start to finish, I was completely comfortable and trusted his guidance. If you are not sure where to start, Dan is awesome to work with!”

Theresa P.
West 69th Street, New York, NY

$113,000 DISCOUNT and REBATE

Tribeca | 4 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms
Financial District | 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

“Honestly, Dan, it’s you I need to thank for your support and guidance. Not to mention putting up with all my drama. Out of all the experiences in life where I thought I might walk away with a friend, buying and selling NYC real estate was, not gonna lie to you, not even in the top 500 🙂 Few things make me happier than seeing good people do good work. Gold star!!!! And I look forward to hearing more success stories.”

R. Miller
Murray Street, New York, NY
Broad Street, New York, NY

$14,200 Rebate

Upper West Side | 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

“As a first time homebuyer Dan expertly guided me through the process from my search through bidding, contract and closing. Beyond serving as in invaluable resource, the rebate that I received paid for my renovation! I have referred Dan to multiple people, all of whom also have great things to say, and we all agree that Dan added so much value, we would use him again even if he didn’t offer a rebate.”

Josh N.
West 86th Street, New York, NY

$6,050 Rebate

Upper West Side | 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

“Working with Dan was a godsend. He found me apartments to look at in the neighborhoods I liked, shepherded me through the process, did a careful analysis of the value of the apartment I wanted, helped me seal the deal, found me an attorney I could work with for the closing, and all within his business plan that provided me with a refund at the closing.  Dan was great to work with.”

Doug B.
West 103rd Street, New York, NY

$32,200 Rebate

Gowanus Townhouse

“We came to work with Dan following a recommendation from friends who had just purchased an apartment with his help. We were at the time working with a broker but were not feeling that she was adding any benefit or assistance to our home search. From day one working with Dan was a wonderful experience. He is honest, attentive, professional and gave us the assistance and support we needed. We feel that Dan made our purchase process easier, and it didn’t matter what time day or night, weekday or weekend, he was available for our questions and to assist in our purchase. We highly recommend Dan and Digs to all.”

Anna B. and Bob M.
7th Street, Brooklyn, NY

$19,425 rebate

Morningside Heights | 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

“From the moment we met Dan at an open house until the day of closing, we were nothing but impressed and satisfied by his professionalism, his extensive knowledge of the NYC real estate market, his deep caring about our frustrations looking to purchase in this very dynamic market, and his help with the multitude of questions and post purchase references we needed as 1st time buyers. Purchasing an apartment can be one of the most exciting experiences; it can also be frustrating, disappointing, time consuming, and quite overwhelming. Dan was there with us every step of the way, a trusted and patient advisor, giving frank and unbiased opinion – yet we never felt pressured to make a decision – he worked with us at the pace that was comfortable for us. As 1st time buyers, we were often uncertain – pre-war, post war, no need for any reno, gut reno… Dan was there for us through all the questions. Dan truly cares about his clients, a wonderful person and realtor. The rebate that he offers is the final testimony of his care, giving back to his clients to make their transition just a bit easier. Our family is so grateful to you Dan! Thank you!”


$24,200 rebate

Morningside Heights | 3 bedrooms 1 bathroom

“Before my husband and I were expecting our first child, we knew that our apartment would ultimately be too small for us. I mentioned to Dan that we were considering buying a new place in a couple of years. Dan asked what would be ideal for us, and kept us on his radar. He would occasionally send listings that, even though I wasn’t ready to be looking, helped give us a sense of the market and what was available.

My pregnancy and the time after were consumed with baby planning and sleepless nights of early parenthood. We didn’t have time to think about a new place, yet felt the pressure quite keenly as our son began to take his first steps. I told Dan that we were getting close to a point of outgrowing the place, and he began a search for us in earnest. The listings he sent were ones within the realm of possibility for us, with some above and below to help us refine what we wanted and what we could afford. He reviewed some of the listings I found on my own, giving his expert opinion and offering to help any way he could. He didn’t put any pressure on us about any of the places, merely suggesting we take a look at the posts and tweaking his search based on our feedback…”

Gowri and Shane K.
West 111th Street, New York, NY

$6,260 rebate

Park Slope | 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

“From start to finish Dan treated this as a partnership and not simply a transaction. He has great knowledge of the industry, genuine concern for the wellbeing of the client and excellent trade contacts. Even when the closing became complicated (as it invariably does), he got us past the finish line.”

Pavle S.
Union Street, Brooklyn, NY

$9,800 Rebate

Morningside Heights | 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom

“Buying a New York co-op was one of the most daunting experiences we had ever faced.  Between the financial preparations, paperwork, legal documentation and negotiations, at times the whole thing felt completely overwhelming.  We were extremely lucky, however, that we chose Dan as our broker early in the process.  Dan made us feel that we had an experienced partner on our side that patiently broke down and explained every step we took.  He provided options whenever possible and always let us know what to expect next.  Eliminating the unknowns helped give us the confidence we needed to buy the apartment we wanted, and the added value of the rebate Dan offers was the icing on the cake, that left us with a truly great feeling and excited about moving into our new home.  We simply can’t thank him enough.”

Larry and Melissa S.
West 123rd Street, New York, NY

$39,500 Rebate

Financial District | 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

“Glad to have found Dan to help us find our new home in FiDi. In addition to the financial incentive of the 2% rebate, the entire home buying process was a pleasant one for us. Dan’s knowledge of the NY market as well as willingness to give a frank and unbiased opinion was a huge plus. Never during the process did he pressure us, and he worked at a pace that we were comfortable with. Thanks a bunch Dan.”

Samit and Ishita K.
Broad Street, New York, NY

$7,350 Rebate

Midtown East | 1 bedroom 1 bathroom

“Dan’s services were a perfect fit. With his large rebate at closing, I was able to convert the time I spent on Streeteasy into sizable savings and benefit. Any services I needed or questions I had, Dan was happy to provide in a quick manner. For anyone looking to head into the NYC real estate market, Dan is the clear choice.”

Ryan K.
East 53rd Street, New York, NY

$9,975 rebate

Bedford-Stuyvesant | 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms

“I contacted Dan based on a coworker’s recommendation and recently closed on my new apartment in Brooklyn! Dan was a great resource and worked with me to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. And after all that, he handed ME a check at closing with my broker rebate!”

Laura E.
Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

$16,350 Rebate

Upper East Side | 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom

“I searched for listings on my own and tried to negotiate directly with sellers’ agents to lower the purchase price since I wasn’t initially represented by a broker. I quickly found that no seller’s agent would entertain this, and so I was thrilled when I was referred to Dan. Not only did he give us significant cash back at closing (essentially getting us a lower purchase price), but he also provided a detailed market and comps analysis when we decided to make an offer and valuable insight and advice throughout the home buying process.”

Elisabeth S.
East 86th Street, New York, NY
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