The Digs Mission

Saving you money without compromising service.

With our nimble organizational structure and low overhead, we are streamlining the residential brokerage process, saving thousands of dollars on each deal. We pass those cost savings on to our clients, providing meaningful cash back to our buyer clients at closing, and discounted commission rates to our seller clients. You can see what we have done for some of our clients here.

Core Values

Honesty, Integrity, & Transparency

When you hire Digs, you hire a partner who is transparent, and who you can trust. You will always get our objective feedback and understand how we arrive at our conclusions.

Clients’ Interests First

Our client-first philosophy is a guiding principle in everything we do. We will never pressure you and will always guide you in what we think is right direction to accomplish your goals.


We pride ourselves on being responsive, thoughtful, organized and efficient. Our clients know us as effective communicators and expert negotiators who get deals done.


We love all things real estate. We eat, sleep and breathe real estate. If you have a question about real estate, we know the answer, so do not hesitate to ask!

Availability & Responsiveness

We are available day and night to answer your questions, to hold your hand, and, sometimes, just to listen.

The Gotliebs & Digs Realty

The residential real estate market has drastically changed in the last decade. An agent is still vital to transactions, but their role should be primarily advisory now. Yet we heard a common complaint from buyers and sellers that their agent was adding no value and increasing the stress of the largest transaction of their lives by pressuring them to make offers and transact. The brokerage industry was not only failing to serve their customers’ most important needs, but it was charging an incredibly high fee for the privilege. Something had to change.

We started Digs to address the realities of this changing market. We bring a refreshing perspective to all clients at all prices. Digs is a full-service residential brokerage company that provides exactly the same services as any other brokerage company with a very important distinction: we save our clients money while putting them first.

All our agents believe in our mission and exemplify our core values. We are very proud to have filled this gap in the market, saving our clients millions of dollars with our commission rebates and discounts.

Digs Agents

When you hire an agent at Digs to represent you, you are hiring Digs and everything we stand for. We go to great lengths to train our agents, so you get the high level of service our clients expect from us