$35,500 Rebate

Upper West Side | 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom

“We bought our first home with Dan as our realtor. I found Dan through my colleagues’ referrals. What we needed was an agent who can explain things and tell us about potential issues that are not written in the listings; otherwise, we are perfectly capable of browsing the listings and going to open houses ourselves. Dan turned out to be exactly what we were looking for. He was always available to answer our questions on a short notice, and gave us useful feedback that directed and sped up our search. For example, in one case we were considering an apartment in Brooklyn, and he informed us that BQE repair plans might affect this apartment. This turned out to be true and an important factor in the future value of the property.

Prior to contacting Dan, we were looking at listings and going to open houses for about 1.5 years. Within 2 months of starting to work with Dan, we already found our home and placed an offer that was accepted. Digs Realty also took us through the purchase process, which, for a first-time home buyer and especially for NY coops, can be a very complicated process. I later heard from a co-op board member that they were impressed by how well-prepared and organized our co-op application package (put together by Digs Realty) was.

On top of all of this, on the closing day, we received a fat commission rebate check from Dan. This was also a significant benefit of working with Digs Realty, especially since the service we received was nothing less than what a full-commission agent provides. I recommend Dan to all my friends with no hesitation.”

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