Midtown East

Midtown East

Midtown East is a desirable location to many, in large part, due to its easy access to the rest of the City. Located between 42nd Street and 59th Street, between the East River and 5th Avenue, Midtown East is a mix of commercial and residential, so streets are often busy weekdays with workers and weekends with residents. You won’t have to travel far in any direction to find what you are looking for, as Midtown East is filled with many stores, restaurants and bars. More residential than Midtown West, you can find numerous pre-war and post-war coops and condos, as well as luxury new development.

Head  to the eastern edge of the neighborhood, and you will wander into the enclave known as Sutton Place. The greater Sutton Place neighborhood runs from 53rd Street to 59th Street and is bounded on the east by Sutton Place and the East River and on the west by First Avenue.

Nearest Subways

7 Train

Fun Facts

Sutton Place first became fashionable around 1920, when several wealthy people built gorgeous townhouses on the eastern side of the street, overlooking the East River. Then developers began building large co-ops on Sutton Place and Sutton Place South. This development stopped with the Great Depression and did not begin again until the 40s and 50s. This is why the lower part of Sutton Place South and the northernmost part of Sutton Place (next to the Queensboro Bridge) have many post-war buildings.

What We Love

The beauty of Grand Central Station (if only the former and comparably grand Penn Station hadn’t been destroyed), proximity to Bryant Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral