Locust Valley

Locust Valley

Locust Valley is a hamlet in Nassau County – an unincorporated area in the Town of Oyster Bay. It is a quiet hamlet off the beaten path on the Gold Coast. There are numerous old mansions and multiple country clubs. Lot sizes can be upwards of 10 acres, although smaller homes on smaller plots can be found as well. In addition to full-time residents, many City dwellers like to come to Locust Valley on weekends and during the summer as an alternative to the Hamptons or the North Fork. In town, you will find restaurants, clothing boutiques and antiques shops. Locust Valley school are highly ranked.

Commute to Penn Station via LIRR

Rush hour trains between Locust Valley and Penn Station take upwards of one hour.

Fun Facts

The Locust Valley Cemetery is filled with beautiful beech and magnolia trees, as well as a variety of flowers, making it feel like a garden. It is documented in the Smithsonian Archives of American Gardens.

What We Love

The Locust Valley Market, the small town vibe.