Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens

In Carroll Gardens, you will find many independently owned shops, bars and restaurants. You can still find old butchers and bakeries, alongside the new trendier spots dispersed throughout the neighborhood, which is bounded by Union Street, the Gownaus Canal, the Gowanus Expressway and the BQE. Despite being bounded by three relatively unappealing borders, Carroll Gardens is filled with charming and quiet brownstone streets, and has a bustling street life on Court and Smith Streets. If major subway access is a requirement, Carroll Gardens is probably not the neighborhood for you.

The market is primarily made up of single and multi-family brownstones with some new development along the outskirts of the neighborhood. Similar to the rest of brownstone Brooklyn, deals are hard to come by.

Nearest Subways

F Train
G Train

Fun Facts

The Carroll Gardens Historic District was created in 1973 and primarily includes houses between Carroll, President, Smith and Hoyt Streets.  Here, you will see amazing examples of brownstones with large front gardens.

What We Love

The juxtaposition of sleepy brownstone streets with the action on Court and Smith Streets, Lucali, Frankie’s 457 Spuntino, Abilene, Brooklyn Social